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6 Latest Tracks On Soundcloud

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5 Bars and Clubs with the Coolest Themes & Concepts

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Ice Bar Quebec

Bar at the Hotel de Glace

The Hotel de Glace, or the Ice Hotel is the first and only hotel made of ice in North America. It’s quite a unique concept. And everything in the hotel is made of ice. The hotel comes complete with an ice bar, where, again, everything is made of ice. Drinks are also served in glasses made of ice. There are a few knock-offs of the idea now (like the Five Below bar in Vegas). But nothing beats the authenticity of the real thing…especially when everything is still made of ice when you step out of the bar.

Ice Bar Quebec

The Clinic

The Clinic in Singapore is a bar that goes all about based on its theme, which is just what the name sounds like. Drinks and food are served in syringes, test tubes, and IVs. And when you sit down, don’t be shocked by the fact that you’ll be putting your butt into a wheelchair.

The Clinic Singapore


Fluxx is among San Diego’s hottest nightclubs, and it is likely in large part due to its theme. Or rather, themes. Fluxx has a very original concept: change. The nightclub lives up to its name by rotating and hanging themes every couple of months. So even if the club essentially stays the same, the visitors feel like they are constantly getting something new and fresh.

Fluxx San Diego

Sunland Pub

Who says you can’t enjoy a little nature with your drinking? The Sunland Pub in South Africa is easily one of the most unique drinking holes on the planet. It can only fit a few people at a time. And that is because the bar is located inside a Baobab tree; something that seems absolutely unreal…but it is, making the bar an absolute must-stop.

Sunland Pub


Japan has no shortage of strangely-themed restaurants, clubs, and bars. But this one might just take the cake. It it styled after a mental institution, in which you will eat and drink from a menu filled with some vile stuff. Of course, it is real food served in a suggestive manner. But it’s still not for the squeamish.

Alacatraz ER

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